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Hair Extension Services
Application At Good Beauty Chicago.

Price: $440
Description: Full head application of high-quality hair extensions.
Move Up

Price: $220
Description: Adjustment and repositioning of existing extensions to maintain a seamless look.

Price: $205
Description: Professional removal of hair extensions without damaging natural hair.

Price: $540
Description: Tape-in extensions reinstallation (Amber Only).
Full Head Application

Price: $425
Description: Application of hair extensions for a full head for added volume and length.
Density Application

Price: $325
Description: Adding extensions to increase the density of your hair.
Full Head Reinstallation

Price: $525
Description: Reinstallation of hair extensions for a full head.
Density Reinstallation

Price: $425
Description: Reinstallation of extensions to maintain hair density.
Full Head Removal

Price: $280
Description: Complete removal of hair extensions from the full head.
Density Removal

Price: $180
Description: Removal of extensions used for increasing hair density.