At GoodBeauty, we envisioned more than just a salon; it’s a HairArtist collective where stylists flourish, confidence is instilled in our clients, and a celebration of inner beauty takes place.

Start your beauty journey with us, where our skilled team customize experiences to meet your hair & beauty needs. Within the embrace of GoodBeauty, you’re not just stepping into a salon – you’re stepping into an escape, celebration, and above all, an opportunity to radiate your inner and outer Good Beauty.

meet the owner

Meet Carla, the heart and soul of Good Beauty, bringing a wealth of experience and passion to the world of beauty. As the proud owner, Carla’s happiness comes from witnessing the incredible transformations in clients, leaving them not just looking beautiful but feeling confidently themselves.

Carla is known for her warmth, creativity, and sense of style – qualities that shine through in her work. She’s always learning and growing to provide the best for her peers, staff, and clients.

Beyond the salon, Carla is a guide in all beauty, sharing her skills and staying up-to-date with the latest trends. She loves inspiring people and emphasizing the importance of self-care.

Carla’s devotion extends to her partnership with MoroccanOil, where she serves as an Educator and a valued member of the Artistic Team. Whether you’re a new hair artist looking to join a passionate team or a customer seeking a welcoming and skilled stylist, Carla invites you to be part of the Good Beauty journey. Here, everyone is celebrated for their unique beauty. Join us and let your beauty shine!